What are elastics for braces ?

Answer They're rubber bands. They are placed on your top brackets then it's stretch down to one of your bottom brackets. No they don't hurt :P maybe your dentist will give you color ones! And if not that'... Read More »

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What do elastics do for braces?

Formally known as elastic ligatures, these small rubber band devices aid in holding the arch wire of the braces into the brackets. Elastic ligatures are a component of many designs of metal braces,... Read More »

What will elastics do with braces?

The elastics help your bite to become correct and finish off straightening your teeth. I wore them on and off over my 3 years and nine months of braces (I had really crooked teeth). Some people wea... Read More »

How do I wear orthodontic elastics on my braces?

Some of the brackets on your teeth should have small hooks that are pointed down on your bottom teeth, and up on your upper teeth. You just hook the band around these. Now as for which teeth you ha... Read More »

I forgot where to put my braces elastics?

it should look something like this Read More »