What are effective means for law enforcement to deter gang activity?

Answer Gang activity can affect communities not only in a major metropolis but also in small towns. Many law enforcement agencies are concerned with identifying reasons why gangs exist in their community ... Read More »

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What is the most effective means of corrosion?

I think AIR is the most effective mean of corrosion and the most appealing example is the corrosion of iron when it comes in contact with air.

The Effective Enforcement of Mortgage Standards?

When discussing accountability for the enforcement of standards in the real estate industry, recent actions by government and federal officials must be considered. As governmental regulatory bodies... Read More »

What plants naturally deter deer?

Some plants that deer tend to avoid and don't eat would include: Catmint or Catnip, Chives, Lavender, Mind, Sages, Thyme, and Salvias. My favorite is be far the Salvias. Many are easy to grow, beco... Read More »

What sort of plant can I buy to deter burglars?

Buy something with LOTS of "crown of thorns"… or some type of cactus that is tolerant to your area climate.