What are effect of this broken family?

Answer I have a broken family sorta but its not bad but life kinda depressing boring stressful and school doesnt help because ppl are asses like that but if you have a broken family it may cause you to ha... Read More »

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What is the family effect is you are in the CIA?

What is the effect on your family if you are in the CIA?

TH FAMILY: what is keeping you in this family be honest.?

It's not that complicated..and honestly I don't really see what's the whole "new" problem or whatever. Like why everyone is thinking of leaving now. TD's..big deal. I don't mean to sound mean but i... Read More »

How to Make the Broken Glass Effect in Illustrator?

Broken glass effects are used to increase the impact of a text in flyers and movie posters. They portray a possibly violent mood, or a sense of urgency. One example of this effect is the original l... Read More »