What are duvet covers used for?

Answer A duvet is a thick warm puffy bedding cover. It is used without a top sheet, thus the need for a duvet cover to protect it from skin oils. Duvets are similar to comforters.References:DWC Magazine: ... Read More »

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How to Sew Duvet Covers?

A duvet is a quilted comforter that goes on your bed. A duvet cover is a decorative way to protect the duvet and to make it last longer. Think of it as a pillowcase for your quilt. You can also use... Read More »

Do duvet covers go over comforters?

A duvet (French for down) is a thin cover that protects a comforter, usually a down comforter, but any comforter will do. The comforter is placed inside the duvet, which is typically fastened with ... Read More »

Why do duvet covers have such an awarded design?

turn the cover inside out, put your arms through the opening and hold the quilt on both corners. then roll the cover over the quilt and relocate the other 2 corners. then just shake it like mad. th... Read More »

Where can I find trendy duvet covers?

There's this one from John Lewis:… They do some similar options too.