What are dulcimer strings made of?

Answer Dulcimer strings are made of a variety of different kinds of metal. Each type has its own characteristics and can be used interchangeably, although the user may have a preference. The types of wire... Read More »

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How many strings does a dulcimer have?

The number of strings on a dulcimer varies. A three-string dulcimer is typically used when teaching others to play the instrument. Dulcimers can also have four, five, six or eight strings.Source:Th... Read More »

Can you use guitar strings for a dulcimer?

A dulcimer can have several courses of strings, usually in pairs. Dulcimers vary in size, shape and length. The often-handcrafted mountain dulcimer can use guitar strings, but the hammered dulcimer... Read More »

What kind of strings are needed for a dulcimer?

There is quite a bit of variation in dulcimer strings. There are different sized gauges, anywhere from .010 of an inch to .024 of an inch. They can also be made of different types of metals, such a... Read More »

Who made the dulcimer?

The dulcimer is a musical instrument that looks a bit like a xylophone. Scholars believe the first dulcimer to have been made around the 10th century. The modern dulcimer used in orchestras was inv... Read More »