What are dry erase markers made of?

Answer Dry erase markers contain ethanol/SD alcohol, isopropanol and resin (unspecified). These chemicals are considered safe to use under normal intended conditions in most situations. There are no hazma... Read More »

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How Much Are Dry Erase Markers?

A four-pack of basic black dry-erase markers costs approximately $2. Large sets that include 20 or more markers of varying, artistic colors cost about $25 to $30. Smaller, multi-colored sets averag... Read More »

Are dry erase markers washable?

The original dry erase markers aren't washable. However, companies that manufacture dry erase markers usually have a line of washable dry erase markers. These markers are especially useful for youn... Read More »

How to Refill Dry Erase Markers?

Save money on expensive dry erase markers by reviving them or refilling them yourself. You can not purchase ink to refill the markers, but using a bit of acetone can help to extend the life of your... Read More »

How to Remove Dry Erase Markers?

Dry erase markers can sometimes leave white boards with stained markings that cannot easily be removed with common white board cleaner. This method uses a common household hand sanitizer instead of... Read More »