What are drum triggers?

Answer A drum trigger is an electronic device that can be attached to different parts of a drum set, such as the bass drum or snare. When the electronic device on the drum is hit, a sound is produced that... Read More »

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Homemade Drum Triggers?

Drum triggers are drum set attachments that are attached to a bass drum or to a snare depending on what kind of sound needs to be produced. When the musician plays the drum, the drum trigger uses a... Read More »

Making Drum Triggers?

Drum triggers are small sensors that pick up vibrations made when hitting a surface. The vibrations are then directed to a drum module, a device used to store and reproduce drum samples.Purchasing ... Read More »

Are drum triggers high or low impedance?, a site for audio recording experts, defines "high-impedance" as 10,000 ohms or more, with an output of 150 ohms to 300 ohms as low impedance. Anything in between is medium impedance. You ... Read More »

How do aleseis drum triggers work?

Alesis drum triggers can be found in the company's electronic percussion products. They are used to "trigger" a specific drum sample to be played when a player hits a drum, pad or cymbal.FunctionDr... Read More »