What are drive belts?

Answer Drive belts are rubber loops that work with an automobile's engine to power many of the components under a car's hood (e.g., water pump, alternator, power steering pump). On most late model cars, a... Read More »

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What Are Drive Belts in a Car?

In a car, drive belts are used to power the vehicle's accessories, such as the air conditioning compressor, water pump and alternator. Each accessory may have its own belt, or sometimes, a single s... Read More »

How to Install Drive Belts?

A vehicle contains one or two types of drive belts, or a combination of both. Most older vehicles use V-belts, and the newer vehicles use a serpentine belt or a combination of serpentine belts and ... Read More »

Types of Drive Belts?

Drive belts, often referred to as fan belts, are used to transfer rotary motion between two shafts via a series of pulleys. This rotary motion provides power in many engine-mounted accessories, suc... Read More »

How to Replace Drive Belts?

Because the drive belts on your vehicle are constantly moving during the operation of the motor, they can wear out from usage or sometimes from defective materials. The belts can also develop crack... Read More »