Which Doritos logo is better?

Answer 2013 because it is bolder

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Doritos Or Pringles :)?

Is this really the best you could come up with?. What knowledge are we to glean from that nonsense. This is a Q&A site not a kiddies' party food playground.

Pringles or Doritos?

Oh man - It so depends on what you're in the mood for - they are both awesome in their own rite.Pringles are good because they are salty and sweet - and they are dangerous b/c they seem so light yo... Read More »

Are there any benefits to Doritos?

1. Taste. They satisfy the need for fat, sugar, and salt, all in one.2. Convenience. You don't have to cook anything (you just open a bag, and, voila!)3. Excellent for the "munchies," because (see ... Read More »

Cheetos or doritos?