What are disadvantage of beer factory?

Answer Apparently they treat them great. I have a friend who worked for guiness stout and another a beer factory. Both employees can get free access to those stout and beer like drinking water from a wat... Read More »

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What is the disadvantage of headphone?

headphones are most noticeable for not bothering thy neighbor with the sound of what you are listening to but on the other side someone with headphones can not hear the surrounding noises well and ... Read More »

Disadvantage of a scanner?

Are you sure you mean "DISADVANTAGE" and disdvantage of a scanner over WHAT ?Seem to be only 1/2 a question.ADVANTAGE of a scanner, allows you to take printed documents and scan onto a PC in electr... Read More »

What is a disadvantage of inbreeding?

What is the closest beer from… to a light beer like miller lite?

Not really but if Rolling Rock is on the list go for it.