Characteristics of Diodes?

Answer Diode lasers have revolutionized technology across the spectrum of the devices for entertainment, business and personal convenience. Everything from the way that opticians make eyeglasses to the wa... Read More »

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How to Wire Diodes?

A diode acts like a one-way valve for electricity. Connect the diode in one direction and current will flow through the diode. Connect the diode in the opposite direction and it will block the curr... Read More »

What are diodes made of?

Diodes are used to control the direction that current flows. There are several different types of diodes. The most common factor among all diodes is that they are made from silicon.Source:KPSEC: Di... Read More »

Are all zener diodes the same?

Zener diodes allow electrical current to travel in only one direction unless it exceeds a specified voltage, in which case they will allow current to travel backwards through the circuit. Zener dio... Read More »

Who invented diodes?

A London professor named Fredrick Guthrie discovered the basic functions of a thermionic diode in 1873, and rediscovered by Thomas Edison in 1880. In 1904, Sir John Ambrose Fleming, a professor and... Read More »