What are different types of plant food?

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Does plant food or water help a plant to grow better?

Yes plant food does help plants to blood and ALL plants, bushes and trees need watering. It's best to know about your individual plants because some plants need more water than others. I think it g... Read More »

Why are leaves modified to form spines in the cactus plant how then does the cactus plant make food?

The cactus adapted to its harsh environment by developing thick skin to slow the evaporation of water. The leaves changed in order to reduce the surface area that water could evaporate from and ove... Read More »

Lily Plant Types?

Lily plants come in a variety of types, classified by parentage and flower shapes. All lilies require lots of moisture and nitrogen fertilizer. They come in endless varieties, some requiring sunny ... Read More »

Succulent Plant Types?

Succulent plants are a species specially adapted to arid climates and are known for their water-retaining characteristics. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems and roots to make up for cli... Read More »