What are different types of plant food?

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Do plants grow at different rates when given different plant food?

There is strong evidence that using some form of fertilizer (plant food) will spur the growth of plants. There is no evidence that a certain brand or type of plant food will cause plants to grow fa... Read More »

Different Types of Plant Cells?

Like all other forms of life, plants perform a wide variety of functions. Certain cell types in plants specialize to carrying out functions unique to that cell type. These different cell types are ... Read More »

Different Types of Food in India?

Many cultures and customs converge in India, including food traditions. The subcontinent can be divided into roughly four culinary regions----north, east, south and west. These cooking regions are ... Read More »

Can a plant grow with different types of liquids?

Answer: There are many folk-cures and hear-say remedies for growing plants, many if not most will end in weakening if not killing the plant, the best recourse is to know the plant, know what type o... Read More »