What are different kinds of love?

Answer a mother love, a child love, a brother love, a sister love, a friendship love, a couple love, a granchildren love, a grandmparent love, a family love, a non-relative love (but not like a couple lov... Read More »

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Different Kinds of Love Birds?

Lovebirds are small parrots originating in Africa and Madagascar. Scientifically their genus is known as Agapornis, and there are nine different species. They make suitable house pets and can live ... Read More »

What are the different kinds of ra?

Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is characterized by stiffness, swelling, and pain in joints. It must last at least six weeks to begin a diagnosis of RA. Sufferers can also cause fluid buildup, especia... Read More »

Why is this (see details) different in different kinds of TVs?

You're in the RIGHT CATEGORY for TVs.....The reason there is a Pause is because of the Audio and Video BUFFERS...They have to fill up to display the First frame of picture...When you change channel... Read More »

What are the different kinds of fractures?

there are many different types but the main 3 are open closed and a greenstick fracture.An open fracture is often when the bone penetrates the skin. Closed is when there is a clean break but does n... Read More »