What are different kinds of love?

Answer a mother love, a child love, a brother love, a sister love, a friendship love, a couple love, a granchildren love, a grandmparent love, a family love, a non-relative love (but not like a couple lov... Read More »

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I love sushi, what kinds are there?

Americanized sushi is so different from original.if you are used to American style,traditional might be wired.takuan-maki ( pickled vege ,there are many kind)natto-maki ( fermented soybeans,sticky,... Read More »

Different Kinds of Love Birds?

Lovebirds are small parrots originating in Africa and Madagascar. Scientifically their genus is known as Agapornis, and there are nine different species. They make suitable house pets and can live ... Read More »

Kinds of African Love Birds?

African love birds, which are also simply called lovebirds, are small, hook-beaked parrots. African love birds all come from the genus Agapornis, of which there are nine species. Of these nine spec... Read More »

Who said ' I love babies I love dressing them I love playing with them I love feeding them'?