What are different kinds of cactus plants?

Answer There are many different kinds of cactus plants.For example, one stereotypical image of a cactus is of a plant that grows at ground level. In fact, some cactus plants grow high up in trees. Such ca... Read More »

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Different Kinds of Plants and Trees?

There are many different kinds of plants based on their structure and reproductive mechanisms. You can more easily see the division between one kind of plant and another with land-dwelling plants t... Read More »

Different Kinds of Plants in Science Projects?

Plants are ubiquitous and are an excellent resource for any science teacher, regardless of the area of specialization -- botany, genetics or biology, and regardless of instructional level -- elemen... Read More »

Will different kinds of soil affect a plants growth?

What eats old man cactus plants?

The old man cactus [Cephalocereus spp] grows a downy beard of long, silky, soft white spines around its stem. Its beard makes it difficult for wildlife to access its stem, for nesting. Its yellow, ... Read More »