What are diamond facets called?

Answer Diamonds have four major facets. The table is the top and largest part. The crown includes the part in between the table and the girdle. The girdle is the center part that looks like a belt. The pa... Read More »

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How many facets does a princess cut diamond have?

The number of facets in a princess cut varies between 50 facets and 58 facets (the traditional facet count) depending on how the pavilion (base) is cut. Princess diamonds with around 70 to 76 facet... Read More »

How many facets does a standard brilliant cut diamond have?

The "brilliant" cut of a diamond leaves the stone with 58 facets: 33 crown facets, on the top of the stone, and 25 "pavilion" facets, at the bottom of the stone. Brilliant-cut diamonds are often ro... Read More »

Types of Facets in Diamond Shapes?

A diamond radiates brilliance and fire to the human eye. This is caused by the facets that jewelers cut into a diamond to shape the stone. The facets are the smooth, flat surface areas of a diamond... Read More »

What is a low quality diamond called?

A low quality diamond is called a "boart." The Diamants Info website says "It is the worst diamond quality which exists, it is generally crushed and will be used as diamond dust which is used durin... Read More »