What are detoxification foot pads?

Answer Detoxification foot pads are based on ancient Asian medicine. Worn overnight on the soles of the feet, these pads are supposed to pull toxins from the body out through the feet. While there is no s... Read More »

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Has anyone tried the kinoki foot pads,that claim to absorb toxins out onto foot pads?

No. All scientific claims made by these guys are total BS. From the official Kinoki website:Are negative ions good for you? "Negative Ions have been shown in scientific studies to restore balance ... Read More »

Do detox foot pads (Kinoki pads) really work?

Nope, its a scam. Wet it and the tea hidden in the pad turns brown. Sweat from feet, trapped by adhesive, does that.

What are detox foot pads?

Detox foot pads blend minerals and herbs within a patch that adheres to the underside of the foot. Manufacturers claim that these patches withdraw toxins from the body, though no scientific evidenc... Read More »

What are the functions of foot pads?

Foot pads are provided by many different brands, but most claim to provide a detoxifying effect through a combination of herbs. These claims are based on practices and substances from traditional A... Read More »