What are depressants&what are their effects?

Answer Depressants are chemicals which slow down the central nervous system. Because of their calming effects, they have a high potential for addiction and abuse. Depressants include alcohol, marijuana, i... Read More »

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What Are All the Living Organisms in the Biosphere & Their Effects on Each Called?

Ecology is the subfield of biology that studies how organisms interact. It also studies how the environment affects organisms and vice versa. According to the text "Ecology: From Individuals to Eco... Read More »

What are the effects on a family if their newborn baby has Down syndrome?

There should be no effects, really. The parents just have to love and care for the baby just a if he/she was a normal child. He/she shouldn't really be treated differently.A:Frequently, the family ... Read More »

Sunspots & Their Effects on Earth?

If you could see the surface of the sun without being blinded, you'd notice that it's freckled with patches of darkness known as "sunspots" --- areas where the sun is comparatively cool. Sunspots a... Read More »

Shots and their side effects?

You are having a massive immune response from all those toxins and pathogens that were injected into your body. Your immune system is fighting over 4 pathogens as well as all of the toxins used to... Read More »