What are delivery room doctors called?

Answer Delivery room doctors are called obstetricians. You may also meet there neonatologists - doctors who specialize in the care of newborn babies. Please see the related links for details.

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Why a Pregnant lady admitted for Delivery in Hospital is referred as patient by Doctors?

Good Question !!!!!Iam telling my opinion about the question you asked...... The pregnant lady admitted in Hospital... How she comes to hospital? By alone???? No...... She was admitted by her peop... Read More »

How can a delivery room and a birthing room different?

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What is delivery room?

The delivery room is a place in hospitals etc, used for the deliveries of babies under the supervision of medical staff.

Instruments Used in the Delivery Room?

Every team of doctors and nurses that work in the delivery room must have immediate access to a wide range of medical instruments. Giving birth to a child comes with the possibility of numerous cha... Read More »