What are the definitions of insurance?

Answer With the growing number of quality pet health insurance products on the market now, there are more choices than ever.You will need to do research to determine which plan will work the best for you ... Read More »

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How many definitions does the word"run"have?

The word "run" has 150 official definitions, most of which are related to movement. Run can be either an adjective, noun or verb. With verb phrases included, there are 170 definitions for the word ... Read More »

Where are Eset definitions stored?

The definitions for Eset security software appear at the location @ETCDIR@/esets.cfg. Eset provides scanning and detection of electronic threats, such as viruses and trojan horses, for computers a... Read More »

What does total definitions mean on my computer?

Definitions are sets of information that identify malware such as computer viruses and spyware. The phrase "total definitions" refers to either the total number of definitions an anti-virus or anti... Read More »

What is the origin of the word"definitions"?

The word "definitions" originated in the late 14th century. This is an approximate date based on the first time the word was seen in print. It comes from the Old French word "definicion" meaning a ... Read More »