What are decaying remains of plants& animals called?

Answer A mixture of dead and decaying plant and animal, or organic, material mostly used for fertilization is called compost. Compost is also used for land conditioning. The word comes from the Latin comp... Read More »

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Do decaying vegetables produce more gas than decaying fruits?

Both fruits and vegetables give off a gas called ethylene when they break down. Different fruits and vegetables break down and emit this gas at different rates; however, fruits tend to emit more g... Read More »

What is a fossil fuel formed from the remains of marine plants and animals?

The fossil fuel formed from the remains of marine life is oil. As these lifeforms die and sink to the bottom of the ocean, their remains are covered with layers of rock and sand. Heat from the Eart... Read More »

What do paleontologists call the preserved remains of plants&animals from ages past?

The preserved remains of plants and animals over a length of time are referred to by paleontologists as fossils. A paleontologist is someone who studies fossils that are found by archeologists.Sour... Read More »

In ice age the movie what are the little rat like animals called?

If you're talkin about scrat, the thing that's always tryna get tha acorn. i'd say its some kind of sabor-tooth squirrel or something of that nature. if your talkin about i think their names are ed... Read More »