What are dangers of magnesium stearate?

Answer Magnesium stearate is a chemical used in the manufacture of many medical pills and capsules. While there are some concerns about its safety, it does not seem to pose any great danger.FunctionMagnes... Read More »

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What is magnesium stearate used for?

Magnesium stearate is an alkaline earth metal salt of the straight chain, 18-carbon saturated fatty acid known as stearic acid. It is not very different chemically from soap, and is, in fact, a maj... Read More »

Where does magnesium stearate come from?

Magnesium stearate is used as a binding agent for sugars in hard candies. It is derived from stearic acid, which comes from either animal fats or vegetable oils. It has a negative pH rating and com... Read More »

Magnesium Stearate & Diabetes?

Magnesium stearate is a colorless, tasteless and odorless chemical compound. It is made up of magnesium and stearic acid (octadecanoic acid). Magnesium stearate can be obtained from both animal and... Read More »

The Purpose of Magnesium Stearate?

Magnesium stearate is a chemical compound which consists of magnesium and stearic acid (octadecanoic acid). It has a complex chemical formula Mg (C18H35O2)2. Magnesium stearate is used for a wide r... Read More »