What are criteria pollutants?

Answer Criteria pollutants are commonly found air pollutants that can harm your health and the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these pollutants are called "criteria" because... Read More »

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NOx Pollutants?

NOx is the common named for the environmental pollutants nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide. At high temperatures, nitrogen and oxygen react to create the pollutants. Together, NO and NO2 contribu... Read More »

Pollutants in Seawater?

Several causes of seawater pollution that have a direct effect on the oceans and wildlife include discarded waste materials, toxic chemical disposal and oil leaks. Conversations relating to sea pol... Read More »

Hazardous Pollutants?

Pollution is defined as the introduction of a substance into the environment that has a harmful or poisonous effect. As defined, pollution can exist in a number of places, including in the air and ... Read More »

Recalcitrant Pollutants?

Recalcitrant pollutants are substances that persist in the environment for long periods of time before being degraded by natural occurring microorganisms, says Professor Joseph W. Lengele in "Biol... Read More »