Florida Laws on Crimes Against Property?

Answer There are several definitions and forms of crimes against property, and each state differs on the punishments and fines associated with it. The state of Florida addresses the crimes against propert... Read More »

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Why are the Republicans against general Health Care What do they have against people who want to be healthy?

Because most of them get paid by their friends who work for the drug companies and others know the sooner we die the sooner we forget their lies and greed I bet they get free health care and then... Read More »

What crimes has Mr Hyde committed?

If you are refering to the novellette 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde' then murder.

What is the Computer Crimes Act of 1997?

The purpose of the Computer Crimes Act of 1997 is to assure that using computers for criminal reasons is considered an offense. This Act outlaws computer hacking and the unauthorized access of any ... Read More »

What is the statute of limitations for federal gun crimes?

Statutes of limitations, even for federal gun crimes, vary by state and severity of the offense. For example, a federal misdemeanor gun crime in Pennsylvania has a two-year statute of limitations, ... Read More »