Penalty for Cyber Crimes?

Answer With the introduction of the Computer and Telecommunication Coordinator Program in 1995, cyber crime became a government priority. With strict legislation in place, there are now serious penalties,... Read More »

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What crimes has Mr Hyde committed?

If you are refering to the novellette 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde' then murder.

Examples of Crimes of Passion?

Historically, as the University of California's Berkeley Law notes, defendants who have used the crime of passion plea, known in legal circles as the provocation defense, have been able to reduce f... Read More »

How do they monitor "sexting" crimes?

They're not tapping into anything as far as I know. It would be based on complaints they received. Bear in mind that minors do NOT have the same protections that adults do under the law. That being... Read More »

How to Report Phone Crimes?

Technology has given people new ways of committing crimes. Phones can be used as tools to commit fraud or harass a person. If you're on the victim end of the line, take comfort in the fact that pho... Read More »