What are credit references on a rental application?

Answer A list of credit references on a rental application provides supplemental information about an applicant's finances that a landlord takes into account when deciding to approve a lease.FeaturesA typ... Read More »

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Where can you go in oroville California to buy a rental or credit application?

How to Deny a Rental Application?

Landlords and lease management companies may deny a rental application from a prospective tenant for a variety of reasons, such as insufficient or unverifiable rental history; insufficient or poor ... Read More »

Can my landlord discuss my rental application?

There aren't any specific rules for landlords regarding rental applications. Though you do waive your right to privacy for the purpose of the application and for the landlord's knowledge, it does n... Read More »

How do i add a rental history to a credit report?

Review Rental InformationReview your rental history information before requesting it be added to your credit report. Late payments, evictions or collection activity will adversely affect your repor... Read More »