Why do ppl look good in some angles while taking pictures but look diffrent at diffrent angles?

Answer There are several reasons, so here goes:-- Photos are two-dimensional, rather than the three-dimensional view you get courtesy of your two eyes set a couple inches apart. Poses that create an illus... Read More »

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How to Find the Sum of Angles?

One of the ways to classify a polygon is through the sum of its angles. The sum of a polygon's angles is the combined amount of its interior angles. Just as each type of polygon has a definite numb... Read More »

What does it mean when two angles are complementary?

If the degree measurements of two angles add up to 90 degrees, the two angles are complementary. If you put two complementary angles together, you would have a right angle. The angles do not have t... Read More »

How to Solve Angles?

Solving angles (or finding missing sides and angles) is one of the basic skill sets needed to become proficient at geometry. To begin solving angles effectively, solve angles within a triangle. As ... Read More »

How do I cut angles on coving?

Saw SetupPlace the cove molding on a miter saw table with the ceiling side of the molding against the saw table. Put the wall side of the molding against the fence. When cutting, keep the molding u... Read More »