What are corporate credit services?

Answer Banks and other lending institutions offer corporate credit services to issue lines of credit to corporations for their business. A line of credit can be in the form of credit cards, cash loans and... Read More »

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Do corporate credit cards require a credit check on the employees?

Both corporate credit cards and business credit cards typically require a credit check of the employee who will use the card, though this policy may vary by issuer. Likewise, the employee's credit ... Read More »

What is a corporate tax credit?

A corporate tax credit is an incentive in the form of a deduction or exemption from certain taxes to entice companies to conduct business.IdentificationTax credits reduce a company's taxable income... Read More »

What is corporate credit?

Similar to personal credit, corporate credit is a means of receiving something valuable immediately by agreeing to pay the lender back at a later date. Most businesses rely on some form of corporat... Read More »

How do I get corporate credit?

Establishing corporate credit is an important step for business owners, because it provides them with the opportunity to leverage that credit in the event that they plan to expand or need to purcha... Read More »