What are cookies and how do i clear them?

Answer to clear them go to:toolsinternet optionsdeletedelete cookies.Cookies are just memory from different websites that save to your computer like passwords, user names and other things like that. They ... Read More »

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What will happen if i clear cookies Also i need to enable my javascript?

It really is that simple: a cookie is nothing more than some information a website can save on your computer that your browser provides back to that same website the next time you return. Like user... Read More »

How do I clear cookies?

Start ( green button on the left bottom screen)Control panelnetwork and internet connections (at the bottom)Internet optionsDelete cookies.Hope i helped (:

How to Clear Cookies & Internet History?

Web browsers collect and store the sites that a users visits on the Web. The browsers store the website history to help the page load faster when the user visits the site again. Internet cookies ar... Read More »

How to Clear Your Browser's Cookies?

Link title Cookies contain information that websites have gathered about you and stored on your computer as small text files. Most of these files are completely harmless, but others store where you... Read More »