What are continuous wear contact lenses?

Answer You can keep continuous wear contact lenses in your eyes for up to 30 consecutive nights without removing them. These contacts have the same comfort benefits of disposable and extended wear contact... Read More »

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A question regarding continuous wear contact lenses?

Continuous wear lenses have a higher complication rate than conventional wear lenses (wearing during the day time only). I'm an optometrist and my advice would be similar to the most recent opticia... Read More »

What Do you wear ,glasses or contact lenses.?

What age do you have to be to wear contact lenses?

There is no specific minimum age for wearing contact lenses, although many eye care professionals don't begin to encourage their use until the ages 11 to 14, according to The pr... Read More »

What percentage of people wear contact lenses?

Approximately 25 million Americans wear contact lenses, according to the Regional Eye Center. As of June 4, 2010, the United States Census Bureau reported that the United States has a population of... Read More »