What are contiguous files?

Answer Hi,Contiguous file as those files that are on the hard drive in one continues length.That is the opposite to fragmented files which parts of the file are scattered all over the disk wherever there ... Read More »

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What does contiguous mean in shipbuilding?

The term contiguous is an adjective describing two or more objects in actual contact or that are adjacent to each other. It does not have a meaning specific to shipbuilding; in such a context, it m... Read More »

What Are the Time Zones for the 48 Contiguous United States?

The contiguous United States is made up of 48 states and does not include Alaska and Hawaii. The 48 states are separated into four time zones that are an hour apart. Railroad companies first introd... Read More »

What is the highest mountain of the 48 contiguous states in America?

The highest mountain in the 48 contiguous states is in the Inyo National Forest in California. According to the National Park Service, Mount Whitney stands 14,497 feet (4,418.685 meters).References... Read More »

What is the shortcut that lets you select non-contiguous areas in Word 2007?

Hold down the "Control Key" while selecting text with the mouse allows you to select non-contiguous areas of your document for quick editing in Microsoft Word 2007. For example, double-click on a w... Read More »