What are contents of a hope chest called?

Answer The contents of a hope chest are known as the bride's trousseau. A woman's family usually adds heirlooms, such as silver and hand-sewn linens to the chest, which becomes a woman's property once she... Read More »

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What is the meaning of"hope chest"?

A hope chest, originally called a wedding chest, is furniture that a young woman uses to collect and store linen, clothing, silverware and other household goods in anticipation of getting married. ... Read More »

What is the significance of a hope chest?

Hope chests are boxes, generally wooden chests, that are given to young girls. Over the years, they are filled with items to be used once the girl grows up and starts her life as a married woman.Or... Read More »

TV show with the planet called new hope?

It's Bruce Manlyus and he is played by Bill Campbell.

What are the chest called that you sit at the bottom of your bed....?

an Ottomon.Why have I recieved thumbs down?It really is called an ottomon. Google it and find out.