What is a synonym for complimentary?

Answer Complimentary has more than one meaning. Here are some synonyms for all meanings: appreciative commendatory congratulatory fawning laudatory polite respectful

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What is the complimentary DNA base pair to ATCG?

What Do You Say in a Complimentary Letter About Your Boss?

When complimenting your boss in writing, be as genuine as possible. If you aren't specific, the compliment may not be as effective; if you exaggerate or are too "over-the-top," then it comes across... Read More »

What does a complimentary airport shuttle with a surcharge mean?

A complimentary airport shuttle with a surcharge means that a free airport shuttle is available. However, there is a surcharge for certain shuttle services, such as late night pickup or travel to a... Read More »

How to Get Complimentary Rooms in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas hotels offer comps (complimentary gifts) to their visitors when those visitors are willing to play for long periods of time, typically at least four hours, and spend a considerable amount... Read More »