What are communist beliefs about pedophilia?

Answer same as capitalists. they don't like it.

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What is pedophilia?

Pedophillia is the acts of grooming and sexually abusing pre-pubescent children by an adult.The word pedophile literally means "child lover," from pedo meaning child and phile meaning love. The tec... Read More »

Is there a cure for pedophilia?

Although pedophilia has no cure at this time, various medicines are available, but not mandatory, that are aimed at reducing or preventing the expression of pedophilic behavior, reducing the preval... Read More »

Is pedophilia hereditary?

No, but it can be a mental illness brought on by being abused yourself or trauma to the head, but you choose whether to act on it or not. They are researching if it could be hereditary but as far a... Read More »

Is pedophilia wrong?

Yes. For arguments sake, let's define a child as a prepubescent, and an adult as a person over 18.I would argue that pedophilia is wrong not because sex is harmful to children, but because the chil... Read More »