What are common products created in Microsoft Publisher?

Answer Microsoft Publisher enables businesses and individuals to create professional-quality documents without the need to learn expensive, complex and specialized software. By using an ever-expanding lib... Read More »

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Can files created with Publisher 2003 be opened with Publisher 2007?

Yes, files created in Microsoft Publisher 2003 can be opened in Publisher 2007 because both versions use the same file format. However, if you open a Publisher 2007 file in Publisher 2003, certain ... Read More »

Can Microsoft Publisher open Microsoft Word files?

Microsoft Publisher can import Microsoft Word documents for use in its program. If you are using Publisher 2007, it can convert files from Word 97 to Word 2007. You can import a Word file or you ca... Read More »

Is Microsoft Publisher part of Microsoft Word?

No, Microsoft Publisher is not part of Microsoft Word. It is a seperate HTML editor also made by Microsoft. Microsoft Publisher can be purchased either on a stand-alone basis or included with the ... Read More »

How do you put a brochure from microsoft publisher to microsoft word?

You can't transfer I don't think, but you could try on publisher pressing crtl+a, then crtl +c, then onto the transfer press ctrl + v. Just use a flashdrive, and bring it to your school?