What are commodity index funds?

Answer There are a number of different choices that investors have available to them as far as the different markets are concerned. With a commodity index fund, investors have the chance of being able to ... Read More »

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Are index funds better than actively managed funds?

On One Hand: Actively Managed Funds Claim to be the MarketManagers of actively managed funds claim they have the skills and experience to beat the market. Investors in actively managed funds believ... Read More »

What is the commodity price index?

A commodity price index is a weighed average of commodity prices. Several nations, banks and economic analysts calculate a unique commodity price index with different inputs. Major commodities us... Read More »

Commodity Index Options?

Commodity Index options can be very useful tools for investors who want to diversify. Investors can easily gain exposure to the commodity markets through commodity indexes, but may be wary about in... Read More »

Definition of a Commodity Price Index?

A commodity index is an index with a payout based on the price of a set group of commodities. This means that it is possible to invest in commodities without actually buying physical commodities.