What are the symptoms for cold sores?

Answer Cold sores are blisters on the lips and the edge of the mouth that are caused by an infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV).Cold sore blisters usually break open, weep clear fluid, and then c... Read More »

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What are early remedies for cold sores?

Unfortunately, when you already have a blister, there is very little you can do. To make it less painful, you can get a new topical medicine called Abrieva (available over the counter in the US). I... Read More »

What do you do to reduce the pain and duration of cold sores?

Ice or cold sore cream as soon as you feel the first tingle can prevent an outbreak showing in the first place. I always carry cold sore cream with me so I can apply at first tingle. Cheeper ones... Read More »

What is the fastest way known to get rid of cold sores or fever blisters?

I have always gotten almost immediate relief by taking L-Lysine tablets. I get the 500mg. pills and take two twice a day or if it is a REALLY BAD one, I take two pills, three times a day. I double ... Read More »

What Year Did People Start Recognizing Cold Sores?

Herpes is one of the most common viral diseases in the world. Herpes simplex is the virus that causes cold sores. The majority of the population has been exposed to the herpes simplex virus. The h... Read More »