What are cocoons made of?

Answer The larvae of many insects--butterflies and moths, for example--spin a protective casing around themselves before entering the pupae stage. This casing, the cocoon, is made from threads of silk pro... Read More »

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What do cocoons look like?

Cocoons are made by various different insects during the larval stage of life. Because of the massive variation in insects, cocoons all look different. Cocoons are most commonly referred to when sp... Read More »

What do caterpillars use to make cocoons?

A caterpillar spins its cocoon from silk that is created within two glands in its lower lip. Two silk threads simultaneously emerge from the caterpillar's mouth and stick together, forming a single... Read More »

What bug makes dirt cocoons?

Phereoeca uterella or the household casebearer moth makes its cocoon out of dirt and carries it around. Unlike other household moths, these prefer a tasty spider web to your cashmere sweater.Refer... Read More »

What do moth cocoons look like?

A moth spins a silk cocoon by using silk glands or modified salivary glands secreting a thick substance that hardens in the air. The Moth usually sets its cocoon near the ground. A variety of shap... Read More »