What are clouds and fog made of?

Answer Both clouds and fog are made up of water. Clouds are formed when warm, moist air moves upwards and then cools, creating droplets of water and ice. Fog is just a big cloud at ground level, created w... Read More »

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Are stratocumulus clouds made of ice crystals?

On One Hand: They are Low Hanging CloudsStratocumulus are classified as low clouds, typically not higher than 6500 feet. These clouds are made of water droplets that cling to microscopic pieces of... Read More »

What Type of Clouds Are Rain Clouds?

Almost everyone watches clouds. Clouds are among the most fascinating of all weather phenomenon. They are formed through the process of condensation when water vapor rises into the atmosphere where... Read More »

About Tag Clouds?

A tag cloud is an application that appears on a website or blog. The purpose of the application is to display the reoccurring frequency or popularity of particular topics, photos or categories on a... Read More »

What does"blow clouds"mean?

According to the online compendium of slang, The Urban Dictionary, the phrase "blow clouds" refers to the clouds of smoke that are exhaled after smoking cocaine, crack or methamphetamine (speed).Re... Read More »