What is the Dutch word for clogs?

Answer If you are searching for clogs in the Netherlands or Belgium, you will be looking for belemmeringen. Belemmeringen translates into English as the actual word "clogs." You also can use "klompen," wh... Read More »

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How do I unstop clogs?

Hot Water and ChemicalsRun the hottest tap water for 10 minutes. This may open up a drain that is only partially clogged. If this does not work, pour a liquid chemical to help unstop clogs down you... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Hair Clogs In a Tub?

Tub drains are susceptible to clogging. This is because your hair clumps together with soap, shampoo and grease when you take a shower. Moreover, tub drains generally have one of the smallest drain... Read More »

How to Clean Sanita Clogs?

Sanita clogs are handmade in Europe according to the same guidelines as the first pair made over 100 years ago. Sanita fabricates their clogs in an array of styles, colors and materials. By taking ... Read More »

How to Prevent Hair Clogs?

Hair clogs occur when large amounts of either human or animal hair forms an immovable mass in bathtub or shower drains. Hair clogs are not only annoying, but can also cause major damage to your plu... Read More »