What are chords used for?

Answer Well chords are notes that give a better sound than just playing one string, there are many different type of chords like a Bar chord, or a power chord, or just regular chords like G, C, Em, and su... Read More »

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What key are these chords in?

Most of the time (not always), the first and/or last chord in the song is the key of the song. What's your last chord? What's your first chord? If your progression is C G D Em, your song is in ... Read More »

What Are Bar Chords?

Bar chords, also known as barre chords, are often confusing for beginning guitar players. Understanding how bar chords work is necessary in order to play many of the basic chords for the guitar. Fo... Read More »

What are the chords to this song?

It's a horrible sound to try and figure out individual notes. It's actually not a repeat of 4 chords, because there are subtle changes throughout. If you want to play something that sounds like the... Read More »

Someone like you piano chords?

type in on youtube someone like you piano chords and just write down the part that you need to play as most tutorials split the sections according to each hand so just copy down which part you need... Read More »