What are chemical sensitivities?

Answer Answer Chemical sensitivities are not allergies, in the accepted definition of an allergy as an antibody response by the immune system, but they can have many of the same outward symptoms such as l... Read More »

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How do you treat chemical sensitivities?

What is the chemical MDI?

MDI, or methylene diphenyl isocyanate, is used as an intermediary in the making of urethane-based products, according to the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI). This chemical is poisonous when i... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for VX?

VX gas is an extremely deadly substance used in chemical warfare. The chemical formula for VX gas is CH3CH20-P(O)(CH3)-SCH2CH2N(C3H7)2; it's most often found in a liquid state, despite its name. It... Read More »

What is the chemical makeup of ink?

Ink is is used on a daily basis for various tasks. It is used in copier printing, in pens used for writing and even on money. However, the chemical makeup of ink is not widely spoken of.Earlier In... Read More »