What are the chemical properties of Buna?

Answer Buna are more commonly referred to as synthetic rubbers. They are formed from monomers, which are long carbon chains with single bonds, into polymers, which are carbon chains with double bonds. The... Read More »

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Washing Soda & Its Chemical Properties?

Washing soda is a white crystal or powder substance that is used in many different industries. The chemical properties of washing soda are quite interesting, and the substance also has an interesti... Read More »

Chemical Properties of Calcium Hydroxide?

Calcium hydroxide is a white powder or colorless crystal that is formed when calcium oxide (lime) is mixed with water. The compound is referred to by many different names including slaked lime, sla... Read More »

How to Study the Chemical Properties of Transition Metals?

The chemical and physical properties of the transition metals are discussed in this article.

Physical & Chemical Properties of Sodium Bicarbonate?

Sodium bicarbonate is the chemical powder commonly known as baking soda. Its molecular (or chemical) formula is NaHCO3, which indicates that each molecule contains one sodium (Na), hydrogen (H) and... Read More »