What are checks& balances in Congress?

Answer The founding fathers of the United States feared a powerful government, so they separated it into three branches and created a system of checks and balances. Each branch has powers that "check" the... Read More »

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Does anyone such as the FBI CIA do background security checks and checks for citizenship on members of Congress and the President elect?

They MAY do so as a pre-requisite for their accessing certain classified information during their terms of office after they are elected. HOWEVER, there is no Constitutional requirement that these ... Read More »

Concept of Checks & Balances?

"Checks and balances" is the phrase used to refer to the various powers granted to the different branches of a government, which allow each branch to affect and even override the decisions and acti... Read More »

Checks & Balances Techniques?

Checks and balances is a technique that is used to limit the powers of each of the three branches of government. The three branches are legislative, executive, and judicial. Each of these branches ... Read More »

Checks & Balances Explained?

The U.S. Constitution separates power into three branches (legislative, executive and judicial) and assigns specific powers to each that limit the powers of the other two. This is the system of ch... Read More »