What are charger plates used for?

Answer Chargers are oversized plates that are both decorative and functional. They create a beautiful table setting before dinner and between courses. They can also be used instead of placemats to prote... Read More »

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Etiquette for Table Setting Using Charger Plates?

Charger plates are for decorative use as part of a formal place setting. They are large plates, usually about 12 inches in diameter, upon which china is placed. Food should never be served directly... Read More »

Is it cheaper to eat off of paper plates or have regular plates you wash?

The #1 use for recycled paper is "Pizza Boxes".Check to see if they're made from recycled paper, if so, you just saved 50%. They can also (many times) be used more than once. Sometimes obviously no... Read More »

I have a old Eye clopse projector and I lost the charger can I just plug my charger that fits into to make it?

You may find a tag or something on the projector about power requirements. You need a charger that is the right voltage and current that has the correct connector.

I dont have my charger and myphone is dead and i CANT leave can i charge it without the charger!?

Uh, I don't think so. But I have the original razr phone and this is odd but whenever it dies on me, if i wait a lil while, I can turn it back on. It will actually work for a lil while longer as i... Read More »