What are causing me to have "dizzy spells"?

Answer This is the same with me! Are you drinking enough water?

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Dizzy spells for years?

Dizziness can be caused by too much junk sugar as in item 88 in

Epilepsy - headache/dizzy spells?

1. Blocked energy + accumulated toxins in brain and spinal cord.2. You may see a neuro physician for II opinion and change of medication. Since, the existing medication is not helpful for dizziness... Read More »

I have random dizzy spells. I used to have them rarely, but they have got a lot worse lately. Please help?

I too experience dizzy spells - not random, but constantly. I had a really hard time finding anyone who could explain what the problem is - went a whole year without any treatment at all. I did h... Read More »

Please pray for my wife. She is not feeling well and she's having dizzy spells.?

cayenne tincture will give relief of dizziness and also help heart attacks/strokes see the diabetes here is how and my experience stopping two heart attacks in progress in my momhttp://healingtools... Read More »