What is a cathode?

Answer A cathode is type of electrode. Electrodes are materials that conduct electrical current either by emitting or accepting electrons at either end of a circuit. In general, reports, the cath... Read More »

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What is a cathode ray tube?

A cathode ray tube serves as the principle component in old televisions, and is used to create the images on the screen. Despite the apparent complexities, the tube is actually fairly simple in con... Read More »

Is there a gas in a cathode ray tube?

A cathode ray tube operates under vacuum. If the tube is not evacuated completely it will not operate. Hence if the tube is in operating condition there will be no gas in it.Source:"Fundamentals of... Read More »

How to Use a Cold Cathode as an HDD LED?

Computer case customization is a great way to attract attention at social gaming functions. One popular customization is the addition of bright lights to the case. Cold cathode tubes are great for ... Read More »

Cathode Ray Tube: The History?

CRTs---or cathode ray tubes---are specialized vacuum tubes where images are created by using electron beams to strike a phosphorescent screen. The invention of the Geissler tube by the German glass... Read More »