How are cataracts treated?

Answer the lenses in the eyes are replaced with a plastic lens. i,ve had both lenses replaced. it,s a simple operation. you,re not even anesthetized. you just get numbing eye drops. takes about an hour. t... Read More »

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Are cataracts noticeable?

Physically visible no. Cataracts happen in a person's natural lens-inside the eye. Only visible by an ophthalmologist through a slit lamp.People with Cataracts will start noticing the symptoms, for... Read More »

How to Detect Cataracts?

A cataract develops when the lens of the eye becomes clouded and obscures vision. At first, the cataract may not be noticeable; however, it becomes progressively worse with time. Below are steps to... Read More »

Hamster Cataracts?

Unfortunately, pets experience many ailments that also affect humans. Although they occur rarely, cataracts cause vision loss in aging and ill pet hamsters, according to the experts at Provet Healt... Read More »

Can cataracts in dogs go away?

On One Hand: Progressive DegenerationMany dogs develop cataracts later in life. Diabetes, trauma and the natural aging process all play a role in the develop of cataracts. Cataracts in dogs may beg... Read More »