What are cat allergies?

Answer Cat allergy is an allergic response brought on by exposure to dander--the proteins in cat saliva, urine and dead skin cells. There are many potential treatments for cat allergies, some of which in... Read More »

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What are allergies?

Answer Allergies are an immune system reaction to substances that don't harm most people. This can include pollens, dust, foods, cosmetics, and such. The body produces antibodies to neutralize the ... Read More »

What causes allergies?

Good question... and if you discover the answer you'd definitely get loads of awards or some medical term named after you! You're right, the advice does conflict. It's not known exactly what caus... Read More »

What are pollen allergies?

Allergies occur because the body overreacts to something that does not usually cause people problems. When your body reacts to an allergen certain symptoms occur. Some people have pollen allergies.... Read More »

What are mold allergies?

Molds are fungi that can be found either outside or inside the home. Mold reproduce by releasing spores into the air. When a person with allergies inhales these airborne spores, their bodies overre... Read More »