What are carrier oils?

Answer Essential oils often have to be diluted before they can be used. Carrier oils allow you to use small amounts of very concentrated essential oils in larger applications, like massage oils.Aromathera... Read More »

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How to Use Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are types of vegetable oils that come from the fatty portion of a plant such as the nuts, seeds and kernels. They are used for making essential oil blends, as most essential oils canno... Read More »

How to Mix Carrier Oils?

Blending carrier oils allows you to make the lotion, cream, bath oil, facial cleanser or soap that best meets your skin's needs. If you plan to sell your creations, you'll soon develop your own pro... Read More »

Do i have to use a carrier for essential oils?

On One Hand: Essential Oils on SkinAny time essential oils come in contact with skin, such as direct application, oral supplements, or in baths, carrier oils are essential to prevent skin irritatio... Read More »

Can fragrance oils be applied to the skin in a carrier oil?

Fragrance oils? NoEssentail oils yes.There is a difference, fragrance oils you buy for oil burners are just perfumesEssential oils have properties. I often apply them to my skin but you should use ... Read More »