What are carpet beetles?

Answer Carpet beetles are a type of bug that feasts on carpet, fur, fabrics and other animal-based materials. They are especially threatening in museums, warehouses and homes where they have access to an... Read More »

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What do carpet beetles eat?

Carpet beetles cause more damage than clothes moths, when they are living in larger groups. The diet of the carpet beetle varies between the larval stage and adulthood. Carpet beetle larvae eat fea... Read More »

What Causes Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles live in homes, feeding on things like carpet, clothing and bedding and causing damage. There are many different species of carpet beetles, but most adult beetles are small, oval-sha... Read More »

How to get rid of carpet beetles?

carpet beetle larvae feed off of fur, hair , feather, wool, silk, etc. Routinely clean and properly store these types of clothing and articles along with vacuuming all pet hairs on the floor, conce... Read More »

How big are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are insects that feed on carpet, fabric, fur garments and preserved animals. They live in homes, warehouses and museums. Black carpet beetles grow 1/8 to 3/16 inch in length. Varied ... Read More »