What are cardioid microphones used for?

Answer A cardioid microphone gets its name from the basic heart-shaped pattern of the pickup element when viewed from above. A cardioid microphone is unidirectional and is mostly noted for its sensitivit... Read More »

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Frequency/ Radio type of wireless microphones that are used for plays?

You would have to know what frequencies the mics are operating at, and what the modulation scheme is (FM, SSB, Delta Sigma, etc).A lot of the modern wireless stuff is now digital. That system actu... Read More »

The Definition of a Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone?

There are two main classes of microphone. Condenser microphones use the interaction of two charged plates to create an electrical current, while dynamic microphones feature a magnet moving within a... Read More »

What USB microphones produce the highest quality vocal recordings, and are reliable, portable & of good value?

You could try Samson G Track USB Microphone and Audio Interface… * Revolutionary USB Recording Microphone^Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone wi... Read More »

Parts of Microphones?

Microphones play an important role in many industries. Phones, intercom systems and other devices all rely on various types of microphones to transmit sound. Although many different sizes and stren... Read More »